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Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018A WebMasterWorld forum thread discussed one members view that they had run out of link building ideas. Some of the suggestions were interesting; some were also quite valuable from an search engine optimization perspective. Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018.

The question was based on one member’s frustration. They had done all the normal link buildings tasks such as article submission, forum participation, blogs, directories and “traded links with pretty much every site I can find in my niche that’s worth exchanging links with”.
The final response to the question was probably the most pertinent:

It really is almost impossible to run out of sites to acquire links from. Sometimes the problem can also be one of trying too hard and not having the patience to see the results of the current activities. While they may have developed hundreds or even thousands of inbound links, the search engines may not spider all of them for several months.

There are times when you may feel you have all bases covered. The reality is, perhaps you need to do more. The writer claimed to have four or five articles written and submitted to directories. Perhaps they need to double that number and spread across as many article submission sites as possible.

If they are experienced in their given field, finding related blogs and undertaking guest posts using your target page in your links also results in links. More importantly, you are getting your name out and with your reputation. One of the major benefits to any search engine optimization campaign is your reputation as there is little doubt that reputation goes a long way to encouraging others to link to your pages.

There are endless opportunities to developing relevant one way links to your sites. Sometimes you need to look outside the square. It can often help to check out your competition to see where they are obtaining links. This may provide ideas for sites or areas that you have not considered, or perhaps considered and discarded. As an exercise in SEO management, you need to be aware of what your competition is doing – find what they are doing in the way of link building – and do it better.

Premium WordPress Themes – Internal Links

One important aspect of your search engine optimization program is how you structure your internal links. It does raise the question whether or not you can have too many internal links on the one page?

I have never seen a formula for links, keywords, or any other search engine optimization tactic. Common sense would tell you that internal links should meet certain criteria such as:

  • Relevance: One of the most important criteria. Linking pages that are not relevant could be counterproductive.
  • Anchor Text: If you are going to link to other pages on your site then be sure to use the right anchor text.
  • Quantity: Here we go – how many? Sorry, not the answer you are looking for! It appears to be accepted now that search engines will only follow the one link to a page. Having more than one link to the same page, even with different anchor text, will not be followed by the search engines.

That still hasn’t answered the question. Really, there is no real answer, however a balance is needed and to avoid being accused of sculpting, a ratio of less than 50% is probably the safest approach. There are times when you are going to exceed this. Most bloggers appear to get away with ‘best of’ posts or ‘weekly recaps’ where they link to older posts. Their link ratio could be as high 60-70% internal.

Internal linking to pages that are relevant is always going to be the most important issue. If you are helping the visitor find more information then there is no reason to expect a penalty from the search engines. Search engine optimization is always going to be a matter of achieving a balance between what is right for the visitor and what is appropriate for the search engines.

Premium WordPress Themes – Optimize All Links

Good search engine optimization practices suggest that links, particularly internal links, should have appropriate anchor text; that is, anchor text that uses keywords or keyword phrases.

Most website owners who are skilled in search engine optimization techniques know this already. However, sometimes the concentration is on deep content pages and the obvious links are left un-optimized.

Examples that you may see frequently include the ‘About’ page, Sitemap and Contact pages. These URL’s can often be optimized as well, particularly if you want to increase the number of keywords on a page.

The optimization of these pages can be straightforward. For example, you could link your ‘About’ page using the anchor text of ‘About site name‘, the sitemap’s anchor could be ‘sitename’s Sitemap‘.

One link that is rarely optimized with keywords is the email or ‘Mailto’ url. This link normally looks like:

(a href=””) Email Me (/a)
(note: replace the brackets with the greater than > and less than < signs) The text ‘Email’ could be changed to include a keyword or site name as well. There are many internal links that could benefit your pages by simply applying a few basic techniques. Sometimes, the obvious is overlooked. Premium WordPress Themes – 3 Basic Rules

Linking can be complex, link building can be frustrating. Here are three quick and simple linking rules that may help boost your SEO efforts.

  • Link out:
    Linking to other sites does help your SEO programs. Make sure the links are to relevant content on sites with good authority.
  • Link within:
    Maintain a balance of links within your own site. Where there are pages of content that relate to each other, provide links, preferably within the content using appropriate anchor text.
  • Balance links:
    Try to keep the right balance in your links. You want more links coming in than going out. This is per page, not just content so include links in sidebars, blogrolls etc. Include in the balance the links within your own content. Every link leaving a page has may take link ‘juice’ with it. Too many links leaving and the link ‘juice’ will be very thin – even to your own content.

These are three common sense link building tips that can help to balance your SEO. By controlling the flow of links in, out and around your web site you can increase the rankings of various pages that you feel are important.

If I could add a bonus fourth tip it would be – Don’t waste your links, use them to best enhance your SEO strategies.

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Best Premium WordPress Themes For 2018

Best Premium WordPress Themes For 2018Link popularity is a phrase that is used to describe your website’s power according to the number of inbound links you have. There are several tools online that will measure your link pop for you and I’ll list a few in a moment. Right now, I’ll talk about the importance of link popularity. Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018.

Any time another website links to yours you get credit for the link. You might get a lot of credit or a little credit, but you’re going to get some credit. With a few exceptions.

If you are being linked to from a spam site or bad neighborhood then you may not get credit for that link, but you won’t be penalized. The search engines know that you can’t help who links to you. There’s no control in that. But link popularity measures the number – not the quality – of the links pointing in to your site.

At one point, MSN reported the links the counted, but that hasn’t happened for a while. Yahoo! seems to count every link, even sometimes internal links – that is, links that point from one page to another. Google only reports links from certain pages once and then doesn’t report them again, but may still give additional credit for the links, though the credit is somewhat diminished.

That’s a quick overview. Keep in mind that link popularity is measured for each page of your website and not the website itself. When you check link popularity for your site’s domain name then you are checking the link pop for the index page, or home page. Usually, that page has the highest link popularity, but not always. It depends on your site and whether you’ve been successful in getting other webmasters to link to your internal pages.

Tools that will report your link popularity include:

  • Marketleap
  • SEO Chat

There are more link popularity tools out there, but these three are perhaps the most popular and sufficient for your needs.

Best Premium WordPress Themes For 2018 – Article Marketing

Peter Nisbet wrote an article that claims article marketing is better than search engine optimization. Is he right? Well, let’s take a look at his arguments:

Here is a good point. In order to get any real traffic from Google, you have to be on the first page of results. But Google isn’t the only search engine. Depending on your niche, you might actually do better in terms of traffic by being on the page 1 of MSN Live or Yahoo! If you get hundreds of unique visitors every day from each search engine because you are listed in the 3 results for several pages then you could do respectably well in the search engines. Effective SEO has positive benefits.

True, most people give up because they don’t have the resilience and determination necessary to follow through and learn what it takes to succeed. The same person who gives up on SEO will likely give up on article marketing when they don’t see the traffic from their efforts that Peter Nisbet is pointing out will happen in this article. What he isn’t telling you is that there is a skill – both to SEO and to article marketing – that will ensure your success. Both SEO and article marketing rely on the same skill; if you don’t have that skill then you’ll fail at article marketing the same as you will at SEO. Acquire the skill and you can succeed at both as well.

Best Premium WordPress Themes For 2018 – WebPro News

WebPro News has an interesting article on link buying. Evidently, Danny Sullivan, a well known SEO guru, was approached by a link seller then reported that link seller to Google. Poor link seller.

Actually, I have no sympathy for the link seller at all. Clearly, Danny Sullivan knew what he was doing. And he was right. But there is a correct way to go about link buying that won’t hurt you. It’s not all bad.

First, never buy a link from a company that claims that link buying is acceptable in Google’s eyes unless one of the two following conditions are met:

  • The link uses the rel=”nofollow” attribute
  • It is redirected to an intermediate page blocking search engines with a robots.txt file

Those are the conditions under which Google will accept link buying as ethical activity. The reason is because those types of links don’t affect search results. Other types of links do. Google, for what should be obvious reasons, doesn’t want people using monied interests to affect organic search results. Quite frankly, ethical search engine optimization experts won’t either.

If you are going to buy links then at least take the time to find out how to do it without killing your own site’s reputation. Otherwise, you’ll regret it.

Best Premium WordPress Themes For 2018 – Get Free Links

One often overlooked free webmaster tool that Google provides for free is a link diagnostic tool that lets you analyze all the links on your website to determine what web pages link to your 404 error pages. You can use this tool to identify these links and help your search engine optimization efforts. Also by using this tool you can get information needed to contact the owners of those websites to have them point their links to the right pages. Why would you do this? Because the search engines are likely not counting inbound links that point to your 404 pages.

This often happens when webmasters give a certain page a drastic redesign and change the name of the file in the process. Sometimes, changing the file name is inadvertent and the webmaster leaves out a character or adds one, or he may forget the exact name he gave the last file and name the new file something similar but different. Thinking that he’s written over the old file, he uploads the file name after having deleted the old one. Anyone who visits the old file will get a 404 error page.

If you know the name of the old file that is catching these 404 error page links then you can simply redirect that page to your new page and that will fix it. It will at least divert traffic to your new page. But it won’t really help you gain inbound links. What you’ll need to do is contact the owners of websites linking to that old page and give them the URL of your new page.

To find out which pages are linking to your 404 error pages, sign into Webmaster Central and click on the website you want to check on. Click on “Diagnostics” then click on “Web crawl”. Click on “Not found” and you’ll see a list of links that the search engines are not crawling. You should see a series of links that say something like “2 pages” or “14 pages”. Those are the number of pages linking to that 404 error page. Click the hyperlink and you’ll see the exact pages linking to the error page. They’ll either be internal pages on your site or offsite pages and if the latter then you’re losing valuable inbound link juice. That’s when you should visit those websites and send an e-mail to the owner to let them know that there is another page they can link to.

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The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018

The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018This morning we talked about anchor text and how to choose the right keywords. But anchor text is more than just keywords in a link. Anchor text is also a call to action. You want the user to click the link, right? The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018.

Don’t assume that just because you put a link in your text that it will be clicked. Not all links are clicked. There are number of factors that into whether or not a link is clicked.

  • Link placement within the text
  • Number of competing links
  • Number of links on the page
  • The text within the link anchor text
  • Promise of benefit at the other end

If you have too many links on the page then you rest assured that not all of them will be clicked. Most people have better things to do than run through your entire list of links. You can count on some of them not getting clicked. But if the purpose is to provide an inbound link to another page and you don’t care if that link gets clicked, OK, no problem. But if you are building links to drive traffic then too many links on the page is a big deal.

Another thing to consider is where the links are placed on the page. Generally, near the beginning and at the end of content is best. If you bury your links in the middle of your content it can be effective as long as you don’t have too many links on the page and it’s visible. But keep in mind that readers who are interested in reading the page may not have an interest in being diverted.

One of the most important things, though, is the call to action: The text within the anchor text. If it is a strong call to action then placement may not matter, but link placement AND call to action together are the best combination. A good strong call to action at the end of a page of content can attract a large number of click-throughs, especially if your topic is popular and you are getting targeted traffic.

Yes, anchor text as call to action can be as important, or more important, than building links as inbound links.

Premium WordPress Themes – Which Keywords

So you know you need anchor text and you know how to create links with anchor text. But how do you know which keywords to use for your anchor text as part of your on site optimization strategy?

There’s really no hard and fast rule. But I can give you some things to think about.

No. 1, if you think about your anchor text as a call to action, it’s a little easier. But the problem with using every link as a call to action is that you don’t always use the best keyword for the situation. However, if you get the click-through then it’s worth it, right?

Different links server different purposes. For instance, an affiliate link has a different reason for being than a link from one page to another on your website. Those internal links are for navigational purposes. The anchor text in those cases should be the most important keyword to describe the page being linked to.

Let’s say Page A on your site is about carburetors. Page B is about intake valves. You sell auto parts. Depending on the purpose of the link, your anchor text could read as any of the following:

  • Learn more about intake valves
  • Buy your intake valve here
  • Intake valves
  • Why your intake valve is rusty
  • How to replace the intake valve

There are any number of other anchor texts you could use depending on what you want to accomplish with your page on intake valves and the anchor text leading to it, but you can see that the words and phrases you use serve as a call to action in many cases. If you just use a phrase like “intake valve” that doesn’t say much about what’s on the other side of that link. But if you use another phrase, one that describes what the link clicker will actually see when they arrive at their destination, then you’ll likely get more click-throughs. You’ll certainly get more qualified and targeted click-throughs.

If your link is an offsite link pointing into one of the pages of your site then you’ll need to decide whether you want to get the link juice for your important anchor text or if you want to go for the strong call to action. If possible, do both. But if you want the best anchor text link juice then use a keyword that is associated with the page being linked to. The best way to match keywords for anchor text is to ensure that your primary keyword is in your URL, the title of your page, and used throughout your page as well as anchor text for any inbound links.

There is a lot more that could be said for anchor text, but that’s a quick down and dirty in a nutshell.

Premium WordPress Themes – SEO

You’ve heard the derogatories: Blackhat, Scumbag, SEO. In some people’s eyes they are all the same thing. But are they?

Let’s face it. Mike McDonald has a point. SEOs are manipulators. But is that really a bad thing?

I do agree with his conclusion in the end. It’s not certain that Google would penalize a high profile search engine optimization expert, or any SEO, for promoting a product that happened to have resulted in a lot of inbound links for the SEO or his sponsor. It’s not certain they wouldn’t either. But when it comes to paid links, well, if you get caught paying cash for those then Google will nab you. We know that for certain. But, here’s the pickle. Only if you get caught.

Now I’m not saying you should go out and buy a lot of links under the radar. There are enough people out there recommending that. But it does beg the question, What exactly is a paid link?

Is it a paid link if you receive a product as a gift just so you can blog about it? Is it a paid link if you are “loaned” a product so you can blog about it? What if you trade services and that results in a big inbound link pay off for you – intended or not? Would that constitute a paid link campaign?

I think these are questions that a lot of us would like Google to answer. But Google doesn’t always come out with those kinds of answers very forthrightly. And who can blame them? The bad guys – I mean, we SEO types – we generally jump on such news and exploit it for everything that it’s worth. Can you blame us? That’s our job.

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WordPress Premium Themes

Wordpress Premium ThemesWhen you have multiple offers on the table at one time, it isn’t enough just to engage in conversion tracking. Yes, you want to track where your traffic coming from and where it is going. But you also want to know where your sales are coming from, not just overall but for every offer that you have. Build wordpress premium themes & plugins.

So when you do your conversion tracking be sure that you are tracking every offer. It is best if you have special tracking codes for each offer that you make. That will make your conversion tracking a lot easier. Then when you install Google Analytics – by far, the best conversion tracking system on the planet – you can track every code, every offer you have.

The great thing about Google’s conversion tracking tools is that you can track the results of any of your advertising campaigns, even if they are being run on a platform of a Google competitor. Yahoo! Search Marketing, for instance. You install the proper codes on your website and Google will track your conversions for you, giving you one source where you can keep track of all of your conversions at one time. There truly is no tool better for tracking conversions than Google Analytics. Give it a try.

WordPress Premium Themes – New Version

The new version of WordPress is out now. Since I haven’t used it yet I can’t vouch for it. But I sure like the new features, specifically:

  • Drop down menu for header tags
  • Underline feature
  • Paste from Word
  • Undo
  • Redo
  • Tagging

I bolded “paste from Word” because previously this was not possible. If you pasted from Word then your posts were full of extra code that probably caused your posts not to get crawled well. Sometimes it even messed up the template you were working in. No longer.

Again, I haven’t used the new WordPress – WordPress 2.3 – but I can hardly wait. These features will not only make blogging easier, but will make blog posts cleaner and better as well. Yay WordPress!

WordPress Premium Themes – Blog Posts

Do you use WordPress? Have you accidentally lost some blog posts? On another blog I own, I inadvertently deleted an entire user account and all the blog posts associated with it. That was a hard lesson to learn. If this happens to you, here’s what you can do to restore them:

First, go into your cpanel or cgi back door and try to access your backup. Most web hosts store a backup or offer a service to let you back up your files. I highly recommend the service if your web host provides it
If your web host doesn’t have a back up service or you haven’t signed up for it then attempt to access the MySQL files in your CGI panel to restore those posts
If that doesn’t work, go to each the search engines and query the domain name. Find all of your posts and click on the cached version then copy/paste the posts back into WordPress
This will create a whole new post so don’t ping them. Otherwise, you’ll be pinging Technorati and all blog search engines a second time for those posts. That might be considered spam and you don’t want to be known as a spammer.
You’ll also have to enter a 301 redirect for each of the posts you lost in your htaccess

I should have copied and pasted the cached version of all of my blog post pages first. It would have saved me a lot of time. If this ever happens to you be sure you take these measures quickly because the longer you wait the less likely you are to recover your posts.

WordPress Premium Themes – How To Select

You’ve decided that you want a company blog and that WordPress is the blogging platform for you. Good for you. You couldn’t have made a better choice. But be careful when choosing a template.

There are really two ways to go on a WordPress template. You can choose one of the many pre-designed templates that WordPress offers or find a designer to custom design you a WordPress template. Either way you have to be careful. Not all WordPress templates are created equal.

The problem with most templates, just like website templates, is that they are not designed with search engines in mind. I shouldn’t say “most.” What I mean is most that have problems … the problem is usually poor SEO quality. You’ll have to make sure you get a WordPress template that is easily crawled and provides your website with SEO benefits. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your time blogging.

If you are going to use a custom designer then ask some basic questions like

  • Do you build your templates with tables or CSS?
  • Can you show me an example of a template you’ve designed that is crawled well?

Ask if you can see the code before you purchase a template. If a web designer won’t let you peak at the code then it probably isn’t worth much. A good web designer will keep the search engines in mind when designing your template. Ask if you can take it for a test drive and if the designer will give you a refund or redesign if you aren’t getting crawled. If not, then choose another designer.

Why Free Blog Hosts Are A Bad Idea

If you’re new to blogging and you are ready to start your own blog then I highly discourage you from using one of the several free blog hosts online. There are a number of reasons. But before I get into that let me encourage you to first decide what you want your blog to do. There are as many purposes for blogs as there are websites and you should go in with a good plan. Here are a few legitimate purposes for business, or commercial, blogs:

  • AdSense Revenue
  • Promote Your Business
  • Customer Service Issues
  • Human Resources Blog
  • Industry-Specific Dialog
  • Promote One Or More Other Websites
  • Sell Advertising
  • Promote A Book, CD, Or Other Item Produced By Your Creativity
  • Discuss A Hobby
  • Celebrity Gossip
  • Share Knowledge Of A Special Topic
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Premium WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress ThemesWebsite security is every bit as important as search engine optimization. After all, if your website is unsecure and gets hacked then you’ll likely have much bigger problems on your hands than low rankings. If your site is built using a CMS, or WordPress blogging software, then upgrading is very important. You could very well find your website hacked and taken off line. Best Premium wordPress themes for you.

Mashable sent out a stern warning before the weekend to everyone using WordPress to upgrade to 2.8.4 as soon as possible. That’s actually a good warning. I know someone who was on WordPress 2.7.1, which isn’t all that old of a version, and their site was hacked. Just as the blog post says, the hacker set up an invisible Admin account and kept inserting a malicious malware javascript in his theme files. He ended up having to delete all of his Subscriber accounts.

If you do find your WordPress hacked before you can upgrade to the latest version, be sure you clean out all of your files before you upgrade. That means deleting all your files and uploading new, fresh files. And delete your Subscriber accounts. The hackers are getting malicious. You’ve got to get serious about security.

Premium WordPress Themes – Augmented Reality

Greg Sterling wrote a very interesting blog post on Augmented Reality, a new mobile phone technology that allows users a chance to get reviews of local business simply by scanning the area with your iPhone video. But Greg says this is primitive technology compared to what’s coming. I’ll have to agree.

Being able to use your mobile phone, or a hand held device of any kind, to scan your local area and retrieve background information on that area is a huge benefit. Unfortunately, we’re not quite there yet. Seeing reviews of local businesses is just the beginning. How about being able to scan a street corner and receiving a history lesson on that corner. “This is where Billy the Kid was shot and killed.” Or, “a brothel once frequented by America’s most influential politicians and businessmen once stood here.”

There are all sorts of ways this technological innovation could be used. Perhaps you might scan an area with your iPhone and be offered a menu of choices concerning information that you’d like to receive about the local buildings in your video view.

For instance:

  • Restaurant Reviews
  • Store Hours
  • Real Estate Data (MLS maybe?)
  • History Lessons
  • Literary Allusions (which works of literature have mentioned this place?)
  • Famous People (who has been associated with this area?)
  • Weather Forecast
  • Recent Local News
  • Specials and Sales Being Offered By Businesses In Your Phone’s View
  • Directions From Point A (Where You Are Now) To Point B (A Pre-Determined Grid Coordinate Or Address)
  • Estimated Taxi Fares

The list could go on. Just pick up your mobile phone and scan, or take a picture of a particular building or geographic location (an open field even), and tell your phone what information you are looking for. Wouldn’t that be cool? How long will it be before we see that? And what kind of wild and crazy things will webmasters be able to do to let people know more about them and where/how to find them?

Premium WordPress Themes – The Importance Of HTTP Codes

HTTP codes are one of those areas that most people don’t want to know about. The problem is, those codes can ultimately affect how your pages are seen by the search engines. It is handy to have at the very least an overview of the codes and how they affect your site, your visitors and the search engines.

JustSearch in the UK has a handy little post on the subject and goes into a little more detail than I will. Having a passing knowledge of code groups is a good start and can give you idea of what problems your site may have. there are five code levels and each covers a different area of your web site. HTTP is basic terms are codes sent to a browser when a page is called. These codes tell the browsers the status of that page what action or error message needs to be taken. In summary, the codes are:

1xx Informational – This code provides information to the browser and handles the general processing of pages.

2xx Success – Your request to load a page for example has been successful.

3xx Redirection – The page requested has a redirection instruction for example, a 302 is a temporary move whilst a 301 is a permanent move

4xx Client Error – These are the errors you need to be looking for. An example is the 404 page not found error.

5xx Server Error – These errors are found when your server has gone down for any reason.

We use the 3xx Redirection codes a lot particularly when moving or deleting pages. The 4xx and 5xx codes are the ones you really need to keep a look out for. If the search engine comes across a 410 code for example, this tells the search engine the page ‘has gone’. If the search engine sees this code, it may well delete the page from its index.

These codes can have serious implications to the search engine optimization process so watch them carefully. Any repeated 4xx and 5xx codes need to be investigated and processes put in place to prevent them where possible.

Premium WordPress Themes – Should You Use Free Web Templates?

Free website templates are a little bit controversial. A lot of people like them. Some designers will tell you that you’re better off with a premium template designed just for you. I won’t argue. But you could just as well build an HTML website from scratch. Nevertheless, there are advantages to using a free HTML template.

One disadvantage is that free templates require a link back to the designer. This is a customary practice and since you aren’t paying hard money for your template you might as well oblige the link back. But that’s a small price to pay for the benefits.

With a free HTML template you don’t have to build your site from scratch. The shell is there for you. All you have to do is insert your content. If you know some HTML yourself then you can take a free template and move things around a little bit – like rearranging the furniture in your home – and create your own modified template from the existing shell. Depending on how much different your template is from the original you could delete the back link to the original designer.

Still, you have to be careful with free templates as not all of them are very well optimized for search engines. Flash templates, particularly, have issues unless the Flash is minimal. But some HTML templates don’t optimize well. If you find one that isn’t well optimized, scrap it and replace it with another.

Free website templates are a great way to get started if you don’t know HTML or you have limited knowledge and a limited budget. But at some point you’ll probably want to move up to a premium template or custom web design.

My personal thought is if you don’t have the money to hire a designer then it can be a good deal (since its free), but I would recommend that you have an expert review the code to make sure that it is clean from a search engine optimization perspective as well.

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Premium WordPress Themes – Best WordPress Templates

Premium WordPress ThemesVideo conferencing for inter-office employee meetings and training sessions saves time, money for travel expenses and salaries while gone from the home office. Best premium wordpress themes for your business site.

Employees can purchase a company-quality webcam for about $50 or less, or an HD quality webcam for less than $100. They can use their own computer or smart phone to view and participate in video meetings. More savvy users will connect their Internet with television screens and/or projectors to view the video meetings, but may not be able to participate in them, depending on what device they use to connect with.

Thanks to the reduced or eliminated travel costs, companies are now holding monthly employee meetings. Companies also use the video conferencing technology to bring board members together for meetings. PowerPoint presentations, recorded videos, audio files and photos are loaded into the video meeting library for use any time they are needed. Other documents can be transferred to all attendees by simply clicking a few buttons.

Some creative companies are also solving issues with members via video conferencing. The meetings can be locked for use as a private room, or open for an entire group to attend. Up to 12 attendees can be on video at the same time. Every attendee can also have presenter and/or drawing tools access so they too can share documents, draw their thoughts on a white board, or even share their screen.

Those options help maintain a sense of community with your employees and allow board members and other company personnel to attend the meetings no matter where they are around the world. Cutting company costs while bringing people together encourages a sense of belonging, personal engagement with the company and more productivity.

Video email is a necessary tool to use for inviting all participants to the video conferences. Hearing directly from a company official and seeing them on video makes a huge difference in participation.

Does your company use video email and video conferencing yet? Global Video Group / Team GVG can help you get started today with WowWe, a leader in video communications technology.

Premium WordPress Themes – Video Conferencing Microphones and Software

When attending or moderating a video conference, you may have the option of activating your voice or webcam. In order to use those comfortably, you will need the right equipment, software and settings. These audio tips will help guide you to more comfortable video meetings.

Using a microphone and speakers normally produce echo, because the sound coming out of the speakers when others are talking, feeds back into the microphone. Some laptops have built-in settings to prevent feedback. Desktop computers need additional settings, sometimes built into the webcam or video meeting room.

Some video meeting rooms allow you to adjust your microphone settings, while others use the same settings for everyone. The video conference software provided through WowWe allows you to select which microphone you want to use in case you have multiple microphones attached to your computer. You can also select the volume level within the meeting itself without having to change it locally.

When using an audio headset, the echo is eliminated. That is the best option to attending a meeting that will have multiple microphones open at once. In that situation, when someone uses a microphone and speakers, there will inevitably be echo. It can be minimized by reducing the speaker volume to a point where you can just hear what is being said, along with muting your microphone when not speaking. That keeps the sound quality clear.

The audio software you use will depend on the microphone itself. Most often you can use a webcam that has a microphone built in. That too will have an option to reduce echo, although not a very effective one. You will still need to act as though it is a stand-alone microphone, but keep it away from your speakers. Microphones placed near speakers will result in feedback, or echo and deliver an unpleasant experience.

A major source of distraction during a productive meeting is feedback or echo from an open microphone. When in a meeting, be courteous of others and mute yourself when not speaking, especially if you do not use a headset. You could use the microphone in your webcam and either ear buds or a small, inexpensive headset.

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Premium WordPress Themes – How Anchor Text Can Make Or Break You

Some of you will remember the day when you could Google “miserable failure” and be taken to the White House website bio of President George W. Bush. It’s called Google Bombing and it was all too real, and worked like a charm. Web pages were ranking for keywords that didn’t even appear on the page itself. All because of the anchor text of the links pointing in.

Anchor text is the text that is used within a hyperlink from one page to another. The best way to link from Page A to Page B is to use the primary keyword that appears on Page B as your anchor text. That anchor text goes a long way to ensuring that you rank highly for your important keywords and for webmasters who have performed link building campaigns around effective anchor text, they’ve been able to see great results, many times taking pages buried deep within the SERPs all the way to page 1. Anchor text is one of the most powerful tools in your search engine optimization arsenal.

While Google Bombing may have worked for awhile, the best anchor text has always been the use of keywords that already appear on a web page. It is possible to rank a web page for two or three important keywords or phrases just by performing that many link building campaigns focusing on separate but equal anchor text phrases. It takes planning, but your anchor text can improve your search rankings tremendously.

Premium WordPress Themes – How Social Network Profiles Help You In The Search Engines

Did you know you can own the top 10 search engine positions for your name or brand simply by filling out social networking profiles? It’s true. Join a couple of dozen social networks and remain active in them and that’s mostly all it takes to have your name or brand appear in the top search results at Google. Some of the social networks whose profile pages rise to the top quickly include:

  • Digg
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Mixx
  • StumbleUpon
  • Yahoo! Answers
  • Folkd
  • MySpace
  • SocialSpark
  • BlogCatalog
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • MyBlogLog

Even social networks that offer nofollow tags except in the user profile will often rise to the top of the search results for user names, but almost all of them will rise faster to the top of the search results the more active you are on them. If time is a factor and you can’t be active on all of the social networks (who can?) then at least fill out the social network profiles and let them do what they do naturally. If you ever do find the time to be active on them, you’ll already have your profile set up.

Premium WordPress Themes – Where Should You Put Important Links?

Eye tracking experts have figured out where people’s eyes naturally navigate to when they first land on a web page. Webmasters can use this information to their advantage in several ways. If you know that more eyeballs will see the top left corner of the page, for instance, then you’ll get more clicks on your ads if you put one in that location. The same principles hold true for links.

Let’s say you’ve built a web page that links to three other web pages on your website. Where do you place your links?

First, you should identify those parts of your web pages that are most viewed by the most people. Generally speaking, the top of the page is preferred because you’ll have more eyeballs “above the fold”. The reason for this is simple. No matter how well written your content is and no matter how well you do in building a great web page, there will always be people who land on the page then exit without taking any action or reading below the scroll point. That’s just the way it. But they will still see what you have above the fold at the top of the page.

You can use your bounce rate to your advantage. Place your most important links and ads at the top of the page where bouncers will still have their attention set. If your web page doesn’t provide them with what they are looking for then maybe one of your links will.

Aside from the top of the page, the section to the left of your web page just below your header is another hot spot for eyeballs. In that quadrant, typically where your first paragraph of content begins, or the sidebar right next to it, is a great place to put important links. If you draw a line diagonally from that point to the bottom right corner of the page, that’s where people’s eyeballs generally migrate to and those points along that line are usually the best places for your links.

What you need to think about is how people will scan your page because most readers will scan before they read. If your page is broken up into sections where you have three or four subheads on your page then the first paragraph of each of those subheads, the topmost ones most favorable, will be hotspots for eyeballs. Links in those paragraphs will generally do better.

When deciding where you want to put your most important links, think about where your visitors are most likely to focus their attention not only your search engine optimization strategy. That’s where your links need to be.

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