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Premium WordPress ThemesWebsite security is every bit as important as search engine optimization. After all, if your website is unsecure and gets hacked then you’ll likely have much bigger problems on your hands than low rankings. If your site is built using a CMS, or WordPress blogging software, then upgrading is very important. You could very well find your website hacked and taken off line. Best Premium wordPress themes for you.

Mashable sent out a stern warning before the weekend to everyone using WordPress to upgrade to 2.8.4 as soon as possible. That’s actually a good warning. I know someone who was on WordPress 2.7.1, which isn’t all that old of a version, and their site was hacked. Just as the blog post says, the hacker set up an invisible Admin account and kept inserting a malicious malware javascript in his theme files. He ended up having to delete all of his Subscriber accounts.

If you do find your WordPress hacked before you can upgrade to the latest version, be sure you clean out all of your files before you upgrade. That means deleting all your files and uploading new, fresh files. And delete your Subscriber accounts. The hackers are getting malicious. You’ve got to get serious about security.

Premium WordPress Themes – Augmented Reality

Greg Sterling wrote a very interesting blog post on Augmented Reality, a new mobile phone technology that allows users a chance to get reviews of local business simply by scanning the area with your iPhone video. But Greg says this is primitive technology compared to what’s coming. I’ll have to agree.

Being able to use your mobile phone, or a hand held device of any kind, to scan your local area and retrieve background information on that area is a huge benefit. Unfortunately, we’re not quite there yet. Seeing reviews of local businesses is just the beginning. How about being able to scan a street corner and receiving a history lesson on that corner. “This is where Billy the Kid was shot and killed.” Or, “a brothel once frequented by America’s most influential politicians and businessmen once stood here.”

There are all sorts of ways this technological innovation could be used. Perhaps you might scan an area with your iPhone and be offered a menu of choices concerning information that you’d like to receive about the local buildings in your video view.

For instance:

  • Restaurant Reviews
  • Store Hours
  • Real Estate Data (MLS maybe?)
  • History Lessons
  • Literary Allusions (which works of literature have mentioned this place?)
  • Famous People (who has been associated with this area?)
  • Weather Forecast
  • Recent Local News
  • Specials and Sales Being Offered By Businesses In Your Phone’s View
  • Directions From Point A (Where You Are Now) To Point B (A Pre-Determined Grid Coordinate Or Address)
  • Estimated Taxi Fares

The list could go on. Just pick up your mobile phone and scan, or take a picture of a particular building or geographic location (an open field even), and tell your phone what information you are looking for. Wouldn’t that be cool? How long will it be before we see that? And what kind of wild and crazy things will webmasters be able to do to let people know more about them and where/how to find them?

Premium WordPress Themes – The Importance Of HTTP Codes

HTTP codes are one of those areas that most people don’t want to know about. The problem is, those codes can ultimately affect how your pages are seen by the search engines. It is handy to have at the very least an overview of the codes and how they affect your site, your visitors and the search engines.

JustSearch in the UK has a handy little post on the subject and goes into a little more detail than I will. Having a passing knowledge of code groups is a good start and can give you idea of what problems your site may have. there are five code levels and each covers a different area of your web site. HTTP is basic terms are codes sent to a browser when a page is called. These codes tell the browsers the status of that page what action or error message needs to be taken. In summary, the codes are:

1xx Informational – This code provides information to the browser and handles the general processing of pages.

2xx Success – Your request to load a page for example has been successful.

3xx Redirection – The page requested has a redirection instruction for example, a 302 is a temporary move whilst a 301 is a permanent move

4xx Client Error – These are the errors you need to be looking for. An example is the 404 page not found error.

5xx Server Error – These errors are found when your server has gone down for any reason.

We use the 3xx Redirection codes a lot particularly when moving or deleting pages. The 4xx and 5xx codes are the ones you really need to keep a look out for. If the search engine comes across a 410 code for example, this tells the search engine the page ‘has gone’. If the search engine sees this code, it may well delete the page from its index.

These codes can have serious implications to the search engine optimization process so watch them carefully. Any repeated 4xx and 5xx codes need to be investigated and processes put in place to prevent them where possible.

Premium WordPress Themes – Should You Use Free Web Templates?

Free website templates are a little bit controversial. A lot of people like them. Some designers will tell you that you’re better off with a premium template designed just for you. I won’t argue. But you could just as well build an HTML website from scratch. Nevertheless, there are advantages to using a free HTML template.

One disadvantage is that free templates require a link back to the designer. This is a customary practice and since you aren’t paying hard money for your template you might as well oblige the link back. But that’s a small price to pay for the benefits.

With a free HTML template you don’t have to build your site from scratch. The shell is there for you. All you have to do is insert your content. If you know some HTML yourself then you can take a free template and move things around a little bit – like rearranging the furniture in your home – and create your own modified template from the existing shell. Depending on how much different your template is from the original you could delete the back link to the original designer.

Still, you have to be careful with free templates as not all of them are very well optimized for search engines. Flash templates, particularly, have issues unless the Flash is minimal. But some HTML templates don’t optimize well. If you find one that isn’t well optimized, scrap it and replace it with another.

Free website templates are a great way to get started if you don’t know HTML or you have limited knowledge and a limited budget. But at some point you’ll probably want to move up to a premium template or custom web design.

My personal thought is if you don’t have the money to hire a designer then it can be a good deal (since its free), but I would recommend that you have an expert review the code to make sure that it is clean from a search engine optimization perspective as well.

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Premium WordPress Themes – Best WordPress Templates

Premium WordPress ThemesVideo conferencing for inter-office employee meetings and training sessions saves time, money for travel expenses and salaries while gone from the home office. Best premium wordpress themes for your business site.

Employees can purchase a company-quality webcam for about $50 or less, or an HD quality webcam for less than $100. They can use their own computer or smart phone to view and participate in video meetings. More savvy users will connect their Internet with television screens and/or projectors to view the video meetings, but may not be able to participate in them, depending on what device they use to connect with.

Thanks to the reduced or eliminated travel costs, companies are now holding monthly employee meetings. Companies also use the video conferencing technology to bring board members together for meetings. PowerPoint presentations, recorded videos, audio files and photos are loaded into the video meeting library for use any time they are needed. Other documents can be transferred to all attendees by simply clicking a few buttons.

Some creative companies are also solving issues with members via video conferencing. The meetings can be locked for use as a private room, or open for an entire group to attend. Up to 12 attendees can be on video at the same time. Every attendee can also have presenter and/or drawing tools access so they too can share documents, draw their thoughts on a white board, or even share their screen.

Those options help maintain a sense of community with your employees and allow board members and other company personnel to attend the meetings no matter where they are around the world. Cutting company costs while bringing people together encourages a sense of belonging, personal engagement with the company and more productivity.

Video email is a necessary tool to use for inviting all participants to the video conferences. Hearing directly from a company official and seeing them on video makes a huge difference in participation.

Does your company use video email and video conferencing yet? Global Video Group / Team GVG can help you get started today with WowWe, a leader in video communications technology.

Premium WordPress Themes – Video Conferencing Microphones and Software

When attending or moderating a video conference, you may have the option of activating your voice or webcam. In order to use those comfortably, you will need the right equipment, software and settings. These audio tips will help guide you to more comfortable video meetings.

Using a microphone and speakers normally produce echo, because the sound coming out of the speakers when others are talking, feeds back into the microphone. Some laptops have built-in settings to prevent feedback. Desktop computers need additional settings, sometimes built into the webcam or video meeting room.

Some video meeting rooms allow you to adjust your microphone settings, while others use the same settings for everyone. The video conference software provided through WowWe allows you to select which microphone you want to use in case you have multiple microphones attached to your computer. You can also select the volume level within the meeting itself without having to change it locally.

When using an audio headset, the echo is eliminated. That is the best option to attending a meeting that will have multiple microphones open at once. In that situation, when someone uses a microphone and speakers, there will inevitably be echo. It can be minimized by reducing the speaker volume to a point where you can just hear what is being said, along with muting your microphone when not speaking. That keeps the sound quality clear.

The audio software you use will depend on the microphone itself. Most often you can use a webcam that has a microphone built in. That too will have an option to reduce echo, although not a very effective one. You will still need to act as though it is a stand-alone microphone, but keep it away from your speakers. Microphones placed near speakers will result in feedback, or echo and deliver an unpleasant experience.

A major source of distraction during a productive meeting is feedback or echo from an open microphone. When in a meeting, be courteous of others and mute yourself when not speaking, especially if you do not use a headset. You could use the microphone in your webcam and either ear buds or a small, inexpensive headset.

To get more tips and training on video conferencing etiquette, become a WowWe Team GVG member today and the Global Video Group members will help you get started fast.

Premium WordPress Themes – How Anchor Text Can Make Or Break You

Some of you will remember the day when you could Google “miserable failure” and be taken to the White House website bio of President George W. Bush. It’s called Google Bombing and it was all too real, and worked like a charm. Web pages were ranking for keywords that didn’t even appear on the page itself. All because of the anchor text of the links pointing in.

Anchor text is the text that is used within a hyperlink from one page to another. The best way to link from Page A to Page B is to use the primary keyword that appears on Page B as your anchor text. That anchor text goes a long way to ensuring that you rank highly for your important keywords and for webmasters who have performed link building campaigns around effective anchor text, they’ve been able to see great results, many times taking pages buried deep within the SERPs all the way to page 1. Anchor text is one of the most powerful tools in your search engine optimization arsenal.

While Google Bombing may have worked for awhile, the best anchor text has always been the use of keywords that already appear on a web page. It is possible to rank a web page for two or three important keywords or phrases just by performing that many link building campaigns focusing on separate but equal anchor text phrases. It takes planning, but your anchor text can improve your search rankings tremendously.

Premium WordPress Themes – How Social Network Profiles Help You In The Search Engines

Did you know you can own the top 10 search engine positions for your name or brand simply by filling out social networking profiles? It’s true. Join a couple of dozen social networks and remain active in them and that’s mostly all it takes to have your name or brand appear in the top search results at Google. Some of the social networks whose profile pages rise to the top quickly include:

  • Digg
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Mixx
  • StumbleUpon
  • Yahoo! Answers
  • Folkd
  • MySpace
  • SocialSpark
  • BlogCatalog
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • MyBlogLog

Even social networks that offer nofollow tags except in the user profile will often rise to the top of the search results for user names, but almost all of them will rise faster to the top of the search results the more active you are on them. If time is a factor and you can’t be active on all of the social networks (who can?) then at least fill out the social network profiles and let them do what they do naturally. If you ever do find the time to be active on them, you’ll already have your profile set up.

Premium WordPress Themes – Where Should You Put Important Links?

Eye tracking experts have figured out where people’s eyes naturally navigate to when they first land on a web page. Webmasters can use this information to their advantage in several ways. If you know that more eyeballs will see the top left corner of the page, for instance, then you’ll get more clicks on your ads if you put one in that location. The same principles hold true for links.

Let’s say you’ve built a web page that links to three other web pages on your website. Where do you place your links?

First, you should identify those parts of your web pages that are most viewed by the most people. Generally speaking, the top of the page is preferred because you’ll have more eyeballs “above the fold”. The reason for this is simple. No matter how well written your content is and no matter how well you do in building a great web page, there will always be people who land on the page then exit without taking any action or reading below the scroll point. That’s just the way it. But they will still see what you have above the fold at the top of the page.

You can use your bounce rate to your advantage. Place your most important links and ads at the top of the page where bouncers will still have their attention set. If your web page doesn’t provide them with what they are looking for then maybe one of your links will.

Aside from the top of the page, the section to the left of your web page just below your header is another hot spot for eyeballs. In that quadrant, typically where your first paragraph of content begins, or the sidebar right next to it, is a great place to put important links. If you draw a line diagonally from that point to the bottom right corner of the page, that’s where people’s eyeballs generally migrate to and those points along that line are usually the best places for your links.

What you need to think about is how people will scan your page because most readers will scan before they read. If your page is broken up into sections where you have three or four subheads on your page then the first paragraph of each of those subheads, the topmost ones most favorable, will be hotspots for eyeballs. Links in those paragraphs will generally do better.

When deciding where you want to put your most important links, think about where your visitors are most likely to focus their attention not only your search engine optimization strategy. That’s where your links need to be.

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Executive Resume Writing – How to Write an Executive Resume

Executive Resume WritingIn our most recently conducted survey of executives seeking employment, 12% said their biggest challenge was changing an industry.

So, what unique challenges does this create for an executive resume? And what are the common ways to overcome them?

As explored in our previous post, the single most defining characteristic of an executive resume is a pervasive use of numbers. No matter what industry, nothing conveys an executive’s ability to deliver business impact than a set of quantified scope and results. You do that and you are ahead of most candidates. Having said that, let’s explore how to design your executive resume for industry change… In order to get the properly represented resume, you should hire the professional executive resume writing services.

Focus On Your Brand, General Skills Sets and Business Outcomes

Many executives struggle with understanding how to redo their resume for changing their industry. The big picture strategy is to recognize that, while industry knowledge does help, its your unique skills and capabilities that transcend industry boundaries and will get your resume noticed. Here are some tips for writing your executive resume when changing an industry:

  • 1. Nail your brand – make sure your resume headline and summary sections present a strong personal brand
  • 2. Do NOT mention your current industry explicitly in your resume – and especially in your top third of your page.
  • 3. Focus on business impact you’ve delivered – try to come up with as many numbers as you can that directly relate to business results and business performance-related metrics. Pick the industry independent numbers to focus reader attention.
  • 4. Tighten up your skills sets section – focus your list on industry-independent skills that are easily transferable to the new industry. Better yet, if you possess some skills that are key to the new industry, move them up on your list or even find a way to highlight them visually.
  • 5. Age might be a factor – so think about how to deal with it. Frequently, candidates seeking an industry change are 50+ years old. If that’s your situation, age may not be a barrier, but a factor that you can’t ignore. Make sure to remove all possible sign of your age. For example, make sure your Education section is way in the back portion of your resume and remove all dates from your education section.


Learn more about writing an effective executive resume in our “10 Secrets of Effective Executive Resumes” or many of our other executive resume tools. If you are ready to upgrade your executive resume but could use some help, our proven “Resume Success System” is s great way to get started.

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Basement finishing st Louis – Bathroom Remodel ideas

basement finishing st LouisIf the 70′s were to return, it would want to party in this bathroom, and it would love the fluorescent lighting over the sinks, the giant mirror tarred to the walls, and the old cabinets with IMAG1421the cultured tacky yellowish marble vanities in the powder room. Then it would clumsily walk through the oddly placed door to the wet room and take a shower in the tiny head banger of a shower fit for an elbowless man and gawk at the weirdly framed tub lurking on the corner. Enough to make any home owner want to use an outhouse instead of their bathroom. If you also are looking for a company then you can make a contact with basement finishing st Louis Company.

Updating the Bathroom

This home owner had had enough and wanted to clean the shag carpet trimmed chalk board, so to speak, and start from scratch. We delivered with a new giant shower over 5 feet long and 4 feet wide. Enough room for a mini, or a sumo wrestler if you want. This spacious custom shower also has a built in triangular bench and 3 shelf, glass tiled cubby. It includes a border of glass surrounded by a pencil line and double shower heads for the ultimate shower experience.

The tub? Who needs a stinking tub, when you have this shower. So we ditched the tub and even moved the toilet over to center it in the room. Lastly we installed deep shelves where the old disgraceful shower tried to hide in the wall, giving the bathroom a formal appearance. We even added 3 can lights to ward off vampires. The floor is a long plank wood style tile from Daltile that looks similar to wood and has almost no grout lines.

In the powder room we installed a new more modern appearing, shaker style, custom oak vanity with a granite top and refaced the original built in storage to match. On the same wall were those annoying his and her’s closet doors many of us have that slide on that cheap rail, until they don’t…gone! We used hinged doors and magnets instead, a much more reliable system. We removed that dated fir down with the fluorescent lighting and installed 3 can lights and 2 wall sconces. Finally 2 gorgeous framed mirrors bring the bathroom to closure. Click to enlarge images.

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How you can locate Skype calls

search skype users Skype is a fantastic device for talking with your pals totally free. Exactly how do you locate your good friends in the very first location?

You require making certain that your good friends really have Skype accounts. Afterwards, it’s somewhat extra complex compared to simply typing their contact number. Not to fret– right here’s a useful overview to assist you to discover and also establish up your Skype calls.

You’ll require

Skype accounts as well as the Skype program mounted on your computer system– see our overview the best ways to download and install Skype if you have not obtained these currently.

How can you make use of Skype?

As soon as the individual mounts Skype, they could instantly log in to the software program and also search calls they plan to connect with utilizing an e-mail address or username. In order to make phone telephone calls however, you would preferably require to have an audio speaker and also a microphone.

As if Skype was not effective sufficient on its own- a Skype add software program by the name of Message Magic has actually been established to take all these attributes to a greater degree. With this software application add you could undergo Skype accounts wholesale- you could send out include demands wholesale- as well as you could likewise send out a program message to your calls wholesale. This is the ideal enhancement for an effective Skype advertising approach.

Utilizing Skype is easy. Kind his/ her search skype users right into the search box, and also welcome him/ her to link to you. Click on your research companion’s username in your call listing as soon as you include him/ her and also its research study time for both!

Millions utilize Skype to make a complimentary video clip and also voice phone calls, send out instantaneous messages, as well as share data with various other Skype customers, specifically people as well as organizations. Every day, individuals additionally utilize Skype to make low-priced phone calls to landlines and also mobiles.

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Home Brewing Equipment Cleaning and Sterilization

best home brewing kitCleaning and sanitizing home brewing equipment is the most important and often most neglected step in the brewing process. If the brewing equipment is not cleaned and sanitized properly it can ruin the batch. You put hours of work into your beer, so why take a risk? Cleaning and sanitizing is easy and quick, and I’m going to cover the basics for you in this post.

Everything that comes in contact with your wort needs to be cleaned and sanitized. Your brew pot doesn’t actually need to be sterilized, because the heat from the boil will keep the pot sterile. You still should check and make sure that their is no visible debris before starting though. Cleaning is the process of removing any debris you can see, but cleaning wont take care of the germs you can see. Sanitizing your equipment actually kills the bacteria you cant see. Many beer lovers like to make beer themselves with the help of best home brewing kit. This kit perfectly suitable for first time brewers and makes beer preparing process simpler. Cleaning of every equipment in beer making kit is very important to protect beer from getting ruined by bacteria.

Cleaning the Equipment:

It is best to use bleach or OxiClean to clean your equipment, but it is ok to clean your equipment with a household detergent (like dish soap). If you must use a detergent, dont use anything scented and make sure you carefully rinse after cleaning. Rinsing is really important during this step, because any of these chemicals can ruin your beer if they make it past this step. Also it is important to never use anything abrasive when cleaning as it could scratch your equipment (making it much harder to properly sanitize).

Sanitizing the Equipment:

There are lots of products out their made specifically for sanitizing home brewing equipment. Bleach and Iodophors would be the most common, however there is Potassium Metabisulfite, Sodium Metabisulfite, Napisan… and the list goes on!

I highly recomend Star-San, which is a iodophor. The main ingredient is phosphoric acid, and it is no rinse (which makes it really simple). This is probably the most popular and widely available sanitizing agent for home brewers.

What equipment to sanitize:

  • – Carboys / Fermenters
  • – Bottling Bucket
  • – Stiring Spoon
  • – Tubing
  • – Bottles or Keg
  • – Chillers
  • – Airlocks, Plugs, Lids

The process of cleaning and sterilizing your equipment may not be as fun as brewing, but it is just as important! This method can be used with any of the home brewing kits and equipment, so don’t risk it. Some equipment has advantages / disadvantages when sterilizing, so make sure you check out some of the equipment variations.

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